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갤러리 장(Gallery Chang)’이 뉴욕시 맨해튼 제1관에 이어 제2관을 뉴욕 업스테이트 미들타운(55 North St. Middletown, NY 10940)에 확장 개관했다.  ‘갤러리 장’은 “새롭게 오픈하는 제2관은 지역 사회 참여와 예술 문화 접근성을 높이는 갤러리의 정신을 전시를 통해 선보인다.


[사진촬영: 신기운]

김세중작가는 사각형과 원형의 틀 안에서 공간의 개념을 탐구하는 동시에 다양한 공간개념을 탐구한다, 그 안에서 다양한 자료를 사용해서 찢고 접고 삽입해서 새로운 구조를 창출하고 관계를 형성한다. 동시에 평면적 요소를 입체적 형태로 해석하고 실제 사물과 그림을 병치해서 평면을 재발견하는 등 작업을 통해 다양한 성찰을 시도한다. 

global art scene, Kim Sea Joong is celebrated as the "Painter of Light," famed for his profound exploration of light, space, and time. Kim's artistic exploration delves into the concepts of space within the frameworks of squares and circles while also exploring diverse spatial notions. Employing various materials within these confines, he tears, folds, and inserts them to create new spatial structures, forming novel relationships within the space. Simultaneously, Kim reflects on the emotional impact of colors, interpreting flat elements into three- dimensional forms and juxtaposing real objects with their shadows to rediscover flat surfaces. Inspired by the French literary term "Préciosité," embodying a longing for elegance, refinement, wit, intellect, and beauty, Kim's works embody a pursuit of extreme beauty. By combining painting and sculpture, he transcends their limitations to create unique artworks that engage viewers in discovering new dimensions of time and space. Through meticulous processes and vibrant colors, Kim invites viewers to participate in the exploration of beauty and space, ultimately redefining spatial relationships and undergoing transformations within exhibition spaces. Kim Sea Joong is a leading figure shaping the future of contemporary Korean art as a member of Gana Art.
-gallerychang 소개 글 중

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